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True Leadership, Is Jesus Focused

Characteristics of being a Servant Leader are:

Listening, Empathy, Healing,Awareness, Persuasion, Conceptualization, Foresight, Stewardship, Commitment to the growth of people, and Building Community.

Apostle Archie Robinson: Founder & Lead Pastor, Prophetic Psalmist
Prophetess YuVette Robinson: Founder & Pastor, leader of Wives Counsel, Women's Fellowship, Corporate Prayer Walk & Finances
Leonard Thompson: Elder
Edward Howell: Senior Deacon, Usher & Finances
Gwen Howell: Deaconess, Usher & Church Secretary
Evelyn Hill: Deaconess
Al Robinson: Deacon & leader of Men's Fellowship
Joshua Reynolds: Psalmist & Musical Director
Darnell Forde: Leader of Sound & Media
Demetra Robinson: Children's Musical Director & Finances
Damaris Lopez: Single's Fellowship

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