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Apostle Archie R. Robinson 

​Archie R. Robinson, born in Texas, moved to San Diego, CA at the age of 18 and has been in ministry for over 40 years. He is the Father of New Birth Christian Fellowship now known as New Birth Kingdom Covenant Fellowship which was founded and established on August 27, 1997 by he and his wife. 

As a result of his faith, obedience, and diligence Pastor Robinson was called to the office of Apostle in 2005.

Apostle Robinson's calling has anointed him to engage in multiple spheres throughout San Diego County, he has an active local jail ministry in which he encourages men and women who are incarcerated. Which led him to serve with an organization called SACC. He served as Vice President for San Diego Area Congregations for Change (SACC) and of Pastors on Point for 10+ years, an organization that galvanizes local pastors to assist with addressing the needs of communities in San Diego County.  He is now a part of, and serving with "BUILDING TRUST", which is a partnership of Religious Leaders, Community, and Police Officers who have come together to build a bridge, to build trust and a healthy relationship between the community and police. 

Keep A Kingdom Mind
YuVette M. Robinson


YuVette M. Robinson along with her husband Apostle Archie Robinson is co-founder of New Birth Kingdom Covenant Fellowship formerly known as New Birth Christian Fellowship which was established in 1997 and is located in San Diego, California. As a wife and mother she is happily married and shares 11 children, 12 grandchildren & 1 great granddaughter with her husband.

YuVette embarked on a journey to know God for herself, as she had just been healed from a stroke, being completely paralyzed on her total left side at the age of 25, where doctors had given her a poor prognosis telling her she had a very long road of recovery ahead of her, she rejected that prognosis and turned to God in prayer. Within about 1 week she recovered, regaining full mobility in her body and was released from the hospital.

Her journey into the mind and heart of God led her into ministry and into the Pastorate with her husband where she grew and developed a very strong awareness of who God IS. She received a Calling of ministry as Prophet in 1993. And after much Training, In 2017 The Lord by the laying on of hands and prayer of the Presbytery Elevated, Established & Commissioned her into this office with full power as His Prophet.

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