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Our ministries are designed to help you understand as a believer in Christ, you've been translated (transferred) into The Kingdom Of God and that you can truly dwell (live) in this Divine Realm of God, while on earth, drawing from its resources to sustain you, but not without developing a personal relationship with the Lord and having a renewed mind.  We want everyone to understand who they really are: We are spiritual beings, that has a soul and we live in a body! You are welcome to come fellowship with us and worship The Lord Jesus and let Him enrich your life! Colossians 1:12-14, Philippians 4:19, Matthew 6:33



   If you are in need of prayer we want to agree with and pray GODS will for your situation.  Click here to submit your prayer request here in total confidence

New Member Foundations Class


The Foundation Class has been established to help give you a better understanding of who we are and what we believe. To share the Kingdom principles and truths by which we build upon to bring forth maturity in the Lord Jesus Christ, allowing us to live out God's word and bring about freedom in believers lives. 

The purpose of this class is to ensure that every person of the New Birth Family is on one accord for the achievement of New Birth's  mission and vision.

For Men, Women & Married Woman

 Our vision is to bring forth wholeness {Spirit Soul & Body} so you may truly dwell in the Kingdom realm right here on earth. 

Men's Fellowship equips today's man to not only BE the Man God has purposed him to be as a godly man, being an example to those around him, but also to lead his family into the divine purposes of God, with true understanding  of his call to Headship. 


The Wives Council Fellowship is where married women meet to share and explore nuggets of Godly Wisdom designed to strengthen them and  their marriage in true love as the heaven-sent helpmate for their own husband. 


All women ages 24 and up are invited to come join The Sisters In Christ as they gather for our Sisters To Sister Fellowship.


Visit our Events tab to find out times and dates for the ministry suited for you.



Today's youth are very much on the heart of God.  Here at New Birth we teach youth the reality of the Kingdom of God, and how important it is to have a solid "relationship" with God in order to live Christ out loud!  


Our ministry is committed to teaching youth of all ages key ingredients of their Salvation; Faith Hope and most of all Love, that they may  live Christ in their world today.


Come Worship with New Generation & Perfect Praise! 


 Our vision is huge and our young people are a big part of mobilizing the Gospel today. So we invite you , your children and teens to join us as we build an even greater capacity to stay #Jesusfocused!

Music & Arts


Music is a major part of our ministry. It is viewed as a mighty weapon of Praise and Worship through singing, playing of instruments, dancing and flagging. Melodies and beats come from the hearts of  our young children Perfected Praise, our teens, New Generation praise with a swag of their own; and the soulful style of Prophetic Psalmist Archie Robinson & New Birth Praise, a M.A.N.D.A.T.E Records recording artist.

Marketplace Outreach


New Birth is not just an awesome place to worship but we are a church without walls.  We understand that "The Church" is not the building but are the many members of the body of Christ who are called to serve the body first that "WE" may be built up & strengthened to serve our communities in love and truth. The ministry of New Birth reaches out to those imprisoned, promotes advocacy for health initiatives such as HIV/AIDS awareness; we're on high school campuses sharing the gospel of truth with today's youth; and we are a prominent voice for those who have lost loved ones due to gang violence.  Where wholeness is needed, you can be sure New Birth is listening, serving and promoting Kingdom living in love, and  truth.

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