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YuVette M. Robinson

Wife, Mother, Teacher, Pastor, Prophet

YuVette has accepted her call as a truth-bearing mouthpiece for the Lord. Her mission is to impress upon the people the need to develop a deep relationship with God. Her ministry has helped a countless number of people become free in Christ and to really seek to know Him and  not just of Him.​

In ministry she is frequently called upon by Holy Spirit to bring a word to help set free those who are bound by sin and unbelief in their lives. She ministers not only inside the walls of her church but in the marketplace, whenever and wherever Holy Spirit leads her. 

Prophetess YuVette Robinson is the Administrator of Saturday Prayer, Women's Fellowship, The Wives Counsel Fellowship, and along with her Husband the Couples Fellowship.  

Her ministry, like that of her husband is based on Kingdom Living, Spiritual Maturity and Freedom in Christ.










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